Born and raised on California's North Coast, at an early age Sonali felt a powerful connection with animals. She holds an international relations degree from the University of California, Davis as well as an MBA in Marketing from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She funnels her passion into the creation of paintings and photographs that depict the spirit of animals and nature.

An advocate for wildlife conservation and the protection of habitat, she uses her art to disseminate the beauty and value of our scarce flora and fauna. Whenever possible, she travels the world to observe wildlife in their natural habitat--from brown bears in Alaska to black bears in British Columbia to endangered Bengal tigers in India and lions in Zimbabwe, Africa. Whether her subject is domestic or wild, Sonali enjoys researching her subject's behaviors and characteristics to better understand the animal's life--the beauty, experiences, joys, and struggles unique to each species.

Originally inspired by the Impressionists, Sonali like Monet, Van Gogh and Cezanne shows a moment in time in her art. Sonali's play with iridescence is also influenced by the Impressionists' attraction to the power of light. Her unique technique and style combines semi-impressionistic brush stroke with abstract colors and lines to capture a subject's personality and mood. Mostly recently she has incorporated mixed media techniques to add depth, movement and texture into her work.

In addition to painting and photography, Sonali is currently writing a conservation-based screen play inspired by plight of lions in Africa. As she also holds a MBA and is a marketing professional specializing in brand strategy and marketing communications, she is always considering unique ways to raise awareness of conservation issues. Her photographs have been used in communications collateral by leading brands such as AT&T. 

When she is not traveling, or in her studio, you can find her hiking the hills of Marin County with her dog, Teddy.